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The Global Conversation is nearly here!

The countdown has begun to the Global Conversation! Students and experts from across the world will engage with each other about how countries can “build back greener” after the coronavirus pandemic. Between April 19th and May 30th 2021, this unique programme gives students the opportunity to explore a current news […]


Winners of MarketFinance’s business booster fund

We’re delighted to announce that we are one of the three lucky winners of MarketFinance’s Business Booster Fund! Over 500 organisations applied and only five were shortlisted for the final online vote. Thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to the two other worthy winners – The Bshirt and […]

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Agora 2020

It was half past nine on a Friday morning. Over 700 students from schools across the UK watched a timer tick down. They were moments away from the first of several breaking news bulletins to be broadcast into their classroom. Agora, an immersive live experience from The Economist Educational Foundation, […]


How to identify trustworthy news for kids

Are you teaching kids about trusted news sources and spotting fake news? If so, we’ve adapted The Trust Project‘s helpful Trust Indicators for young people. These indicators might not all be relevant to a particular piece of news but they give a good basis from which you can start asking […]

Burnet News Club, Latest

Who was Alastair Burnet?

Our flagship programme for schools, the Burnet News Club, is named after Sir Alastair Burnet, a former editor of The Economist who was driven by making the news accessible to everyone. It’s a mission we share.  In an illustrious career, Alastair also presented ITN’s News at Ten, the first hour-long […]


Our impact during 2020

What have we done so far this year? With the world facing a news story like no other, it has been vital to help young people make sense of what’s unfolding. As schools across the world closed their doors, we strove to support as many teachers, parents and students as […]