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Numbers updated January 2024

Topical Talk

Our innovative programme, Topical Talk, helps teachers to lead inspiring discussions about news that teach students to think critically, listen effectively, speak clearly and understand the world.

  • Teaching resources for fun, in-depth classroom discussions about global news stories. A new resource for free every week.
  • Topical Talk Festival: the world’s biggest news festival for young people.

Our impact

Children who regularly join Topical Talk discussions make up to 5x more progress than peers in creativity, problem-solving, listening with an open mind and speaking with confidence; skills linked to better outcomes from higher wages to improved wellbeing.

They learn to apply these skills to engage with the issues shaping their lives and communities, setting them up to succeed in future work and as citizens in the modern world.


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Topical Talk Festival

January 20th to March 7th 2025

The Festival brings your Topical Talk lessons to life by giving students chance to discuss what they’re learning in the classroom with other children across the world and engage with inspiring topic experts. Children work towards publishing their opinions in writing, audio journalism and film for the chance to win exciting awards.