Our impact during 2020

What have we done so far this year?

With the world facing a news story like no other, it has been vital to help young people make sense of what’s unfolding.

As schools across the world closed their doors, we strove to support as many teachers, parents and students as possible. We moved our core schools programme online, launched a free weekly resource bulletin and delivered a 6-week global discussion on how to meet the world’s current challenges.

What’s next?

The new school year will bring lots of changes, but we are determined to keep supporting teachers and students to discuss the news.

The Burnet News Club, our core programme, will continue to make an impact in non-selective state schools across the UK:

  • Inspirational discussions will carry on in classrooms and a fascinating first topic – the US election – will get learners talking again!
  • As always, students can continue the conversation between sessions through the online Hub. Classroom sessions will continue to be posted online for those learning from home
  • Teacher training and school visits will be made available virtually

Teach in a non-selective UK state school? Find out how to join the club here.

To build on the success of our Thinking Through the News bulletin, we’re launching a brand new set of free weekly activities from September. These will be designed for both teachers and parents, so sign up to receive yours here!

Our immersive live experience, Agora, was postponed in March but it’s back in November! We’ll be connecting schools across the country for a unique day that puts students at the heart of an evolving narrative. They’ll react to unfolding events in real time and face tough decisions that affect what happens next. Should a whistleblower be punished? There’s still time to sign up your class here.