Bring breaking news to your classroom with Agora!

Connect with schools across the country for an immersive live experience that puts students at the heart of an evolving narrative.

Students react to unfolding events in real time and face tough decisions that affect what happens next. This unique event is fully resourced with materials based on real interviews and stories. A live feed showcases student opinions as the clock counts down to the nail-biting finale…

AGORA 2020 | Secrets and lies

Exploring whistleblowing and national security

Connecting schools across the country for discussion and decision-making about the web of questions generated by whistleblowing.

November 13th 2020 | ENTRIES NOW CLOSED

Entries for the live day are now closed but you can express your interest in receiving the offline resources to use anytime! Contact us through the button below.

How does Agora work?

  • Aimed at upper KS2 and KS3, teachers take a class of their students off timetable for the day, and we stream a breaking news story into their classroom, via a series of fictional films. No specialist IT required!
  • Each film introduces new information – such as leaked documents or a live interview, which presents new perspectives and poses new questions!
  • After each film, the teacher leads activities – all planned and resourced in the teacher pack - to encourage thoughtful discussion about the ideas, concepts and arguments raised.
  • The students then use the Agora online platform to discuss their ideas. Different perspectives are shared between communities.
  • At the end of the day, they cast a UK-wide vote to decide how the story should end, and they see the consequences of their choice for the characters.

Agora is supported by the Peter Sowerby Foundation.

Peter Sowerby Foundation

“This will undoubtably have a profoundly positive impact on students, building confidence and scepticism in their studies and life.”


How can I get involved?

Express your interest in the resource pack

Entries are now closed but you can do Agora offline anytime! We are putting finishing touches to the resource pack so express your interest in receiving it below!

What happens next?

We'll be back in touch after the event with details of how you can access the offline resources.