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Recent events have reminded us that understanding the news is an essential skill for young people.

Equip them with the skills they need to make sense of the world.

I was worried about other teachers thinking ‘yet another thing’ when we don’t have enough time to teach everything else, and I’m already doing an after-school club, and we’re a small school and it couldn’t work as an after school club due to funding. However, everyone made space for it in their curriculum time, we’ve given one of the English sessions over to it a week because it hit targets of speaking, listening, engagement, and oracy.

Sophie Bradford, Boutcher C of E Primary School

Help students make sense of a complex world

A study by Action for Children found 9 out of 10 children worry about adult issues.1 The Burnet News Club helps you hold discussions that challenge scary misconceptions and reduce anxiety about the news. 

Help your students think critically in an age of fake news and form opinions based on sound evidence.

We named the programme after Sir Alastair Burnet, who was driven by making the news accessible to everyone.

Connect your students with thousands of others

A unique online discussion platform to stretch and challenge students

Our online Hub empowers students to:

  • Publish their opinions on the moderated discussion board
  • Enter weekly competitions and take quizzes
  • Ask questions of world-leading experts

One school per half term is named "Thought Leader" for their contributions on the Hub. Students can win stars for their school and see their work published in a special magazine each half term and these are compiled to make our Annual. Download it below!

Download the Burnet News Club Annual

Benefits of the Club

Build students’ confidence

The Burnet News Club helps young people find their voice. Activities turn thinking into physical games, adapted to comply with social-distancing guidance. Debating activities raise the stakes slowly to help students express themselves.

More progress for them, less work for you

Inspire their Monday whilst keeping your Sunday. Experienced teachers on our team design all Burnet News Club resources - it’s no surprise that 96% of club teachers rate them as excellent!

Widen their perspectives 

Each set of resources exposes learners to a range of opinions about contestable questions.

We champion the impact that world-leading experts can bring to students’ understanding. Last year, students engaged with 32 experts, including Stephen Fry, Chris Hadfield and Gillian Burke.

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Proven impact in schools

The club is underpinned by a rigorous approach to building essential skills and knowledge of the news.

Our news-literacy model sets out four essential critical-thinking and communication skills: speaking, listening, problem-solving and creativity. These skills form part of the Skills Builder Universal Framework.

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I would 100% recommend the Burnet News Club. First and foremost, it improves student confidence to talk and participate in lessons. Secondly, it stimulates their intrigue and curiosity in the news using current topics - and we need more of that in the world. Thirdly, it improves literacy skills which are fundamental across the curriculum, from history, to geography to sciences - in any lessons where you need to write in an extended way!

Michael Baker, Faringdon Community College

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