Our partnership with Hogan Lovells to create a teaching resource on rewilding

We’re proud to be working with the global law firm Hogan Lovells to create a teaching resource on rewilding.

The resource helps students understand the importance of rewilding by exploring how different countries are protecting, restoring and creating habitats, supporting species and exploring natural solutions to climate change. Students discuss real-life examples of rewilding projects, including those by Snowchange Cooperative, Rewilding Europe, The Great Green Wall and The Wildlife Trusts before deciding which rewilding project is right for a fictional island.

Fabienne Gress said: “We are delighted to work with The Economist Educational Foundation to support students to build essential skills through discussing rewilding projects. This issue is particularly important to us as it helps to raise awareness of the importance of natural solutions to tackling the climate crisis. We hope that our partnership will enable more young people to engage with the media and inspire them to be curious about the world’s biggest challenges.”

Emily Evans, our CEO and Founder of The Economist Educational Foundation, commented: “We are thrilled to work with Hogan Lovells to create an engaging, high-quality teaching resource on rewilding. Climate change will significantly impact the next generation so we believe it is important for young people to learn about these issues and how they interconnect with current affairs. We’re really grateful for Hogan Lovells’ support and expertise on this topic.”

Log in to your Topical Talk account to get started: talk.economistfoundation.org or download the resource directly here: https://bit.ly/RewildingHL