Resources for KS2 debating

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Each week, we publish news resources that help KS2 students develop their debating skills. Designed by teachers, these resources help students think critically in an age of fake news and debate the big questions facing our world. Subscribe to receive yours below.

These resources can be used in class and at home. They are packed full of debating opportunities that encourage learners to think for themselves and find their voice on contestable questions about what’s happening in the world.

Help all learners speak up

These resources empower learners to participate through a mix of playful warm-up games and challenging questions. Low-stakes activities help get everyone talking at once and more sustained debating opportunities let them get lost in juicy, energetic arguments. Questions always have reasonable points on either side, which removes the fear of “getting it wrong” and improves students' confidence.

Expand their perspectives

Our resources challenge learners to argue for different points of view and give reasons to justify perspectives they might not agree with. Encouraging them to argue for a particular viewpoint develops their empathy and appreciation of opinions beyond their own.

How do I get these resources?

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