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The Burnet News Club

Inspiring weekly discussions about the news in, and between, schools

Teachers receive all they need to run a news club. Sessions take place weekly at school, and students also join UK-wide discussions with their peers and topic experts online.


  • A fully-resourced, six-session scheme of work every half term. Includes multimedia news content and activities to develop students’ knowledge, critical thinking, communication skills and confidence. See an example.
  • Access to our unique online learning platform. Students publish their work, discuss the topics with peers in other schools, have questions answered by experts, win stars for their contributions and enter competitions.
  • Teacher training to develop dialogic teaching strategies.
  • The chance to come to our awards ceremony at Buckingham Palace at the end of the year.

Students are proven to make huge progress in reasoning, scepticism, curiosity, open-mindedness and storytelling. See the impact.

It’s ideal for upper KS2 and lower KS3.


Contact our School Relationships Manager, Olivia, to sign up or find out more.
Phone +44 020 7576 8133

If you represent a Multi-Academy Trust, contact our CEO, Emily, to discuss how we can work with you in partnership.
Phone +44 020 7576 8122



After you sign up, we organise a brief telephone meeting with the teacher who will run the club and a member of staff who will support this (usually the Enrichment Lead or Head of Year). The relevant information and resources will be shared so that the club is ready to launch in September.

We make it easy…

  • You’ll receive the Teacher Handbook and short training videos to help you prepare.
  • Your first scheme of work will arrive before the start of term.
  • You'll have the option to come to one of our teacher training days.
  • All year round, our team will be on hand to answer any questions or offer extra support. For example, we could visit your school to model a session.


A live discussion between schools all over the UK

Agora (previously BNC Live) is a unique one-day event for primary and secondary schools.

  • Teachers take a group of their students off timetable for the day, and we stream a series of fictional films about an issue in the news into all the classrooms at the same time.
  • Each film introduces a new character, who gives a different point of view on an important debate. In 2019, the debate was about whether someone with very controversial views should be allowed to speak at a university.
  • After each film, the students do some activities led by their teacher, to encourage thoughtful discussion about the arguments that were put forward.
  • The students then use the Agora online platform to discuss their ideas. Different perspectives are shared between communities.
  • It's a choose-your-own-adventure story. After each film, the students vote on what film they'll see next.
  • At the end of the day, they cast a UK-wide vote to decide how the story should end, and they see the consequences of their choice for the characters. (This year, the majority of schools voted to defend free expression).

Agora is supported by the Peter Sowerby Foundation.


Agora 2020 will take place on March 20th, and students will be delving into whistleblowing and trust in government. Contact us to secure a place! Email

Training and workshops

We offer training and workshops for teachers and students

Teacher training

Bringing current affairs into the classroom

Our training sessions introduce practical strategies that teachers can use to build their students' news literacy, focusing on using questioning and discussion-facilitation to develop knowledge, reasoning, curiosity, scepticism and open-mindedness. We also offer tips for discussing complex or sensitive issues with young people.

After the training, teachers will receive free current affairs resources from us every term, giving them ongoing opportunities to put their learning into practice.

Contact Olivia to discuss running a session at your school.

"Olivia and Tiff delivered a fantastic session to our staff. They delivered an engaging, vibrant session that challenged the staff to plan for creative ways to engage and then challenge learners of all abilities. Staff particularly enjoyed the level of interaction as well the effort made by Olivia and Tiff to link the content to a range of subject areas."


Student workshops

Our full-day student workshops use multimedia news content and lively activities to engage students in thoughtful discussions about an issue in the news. They explore different perspectives and ideas and are supported to reason and explain their responses, to develop critical thinking and communication skills. At the end of the day, they present their views on the topic to their peers.

We’re able to run a workshop on a new topic every eight weeks (six in a year). Schools can book a series of workshops so students can make progress over time.

Contact Olivia to discuss running a session at your school.

Our recent Climate Emergency Conference for 25 Harris Federation Schools

"The students had a great experience of working across the academies! I thought it really worked and the vertical nature and they were incredibly good together. A lot come from disadvantaged backgrounds and don’t get the chance to get out of their world. Materials were really well suited to the students - one of the things you do extremely well is helping students articulate why they think something and giving logical evidence for why they think things rather than be swayed by emotional responses!"