News literacy

News literacy is the ability to think and speak for ourselves about current affairs. In order to do this, we need to develop the knowledge and skills needed to form an accurate picture of what is happening in the world and justify opinions about the news with sound arguments.

Resource toolkit

Be an active viewer poster

A students’ guide to watching the news! Our tips encourage students think critically and creatively about what they watch and how to use communication skills to discuss current affairs with others.

News Curriculum poster

Discover our News Curriculum through accessible and challenging questions. Put up in your classroom to help students to develop a solid foundation of knowledge to underpin their discussions.

News-literacy skills poster

Display our news-literacy skills to help students progress in their communication and critical thinking. Discover how to progress in each skill through the easy-to-follow assessment criteria.

Question cards

A selection of questions which can help to develop news literacy knowledge and skills. Useful for questioning students about the news, having students question each other and reflection activities.

Tips for discussing the news

Some student tips for discussing current affairs in the classroom.
Useful for creating a positive and respectful discussion environment, and building student confidence in sharing their ideas

Tips for managing sensitive conversations

Some tips for how to manage conversations about controversial or difficult issues in the news. Useful for facilitating conversations about the news.

Trustworthy news: key indicators

Eight indicators to help identify trustworthy news, adapted from The Trust Project’s Trust Indicators. Useful for building knowledge and planning activities.