News Literacy Framework

The news literacy framework has been created by The Economist Educational Foundation as a resource to support the development of news literacy in young people. It outlines the knowledge and skills needed to engage with the news.

As well as important knowledge on current affairs, it also sets out four essential critical thinking and communication skills: reasoning, scepticism, open-mindedness and speaking up. It shows an eight-step pathway to becoming an expert in each skill. The first three steps build a foundation understanding.

The framework was produced following extensive research and consultation with a range of young people, teachers and journalists. The framework is also aligned to the Skills Builder Framework*.

We’ve created resources for teachers to help them to use the news literacy framework in their classrooms. The framework is suitable for use with students aged 9-16.

What do we mean by news literacy?

News literacy is having the knowledge and skills needed to form an accurate picture of what is happening in the world and justify opinions about the news with sound arguments.

*The Skills Builder Framework is a tool to develop and measure progress in the essential skills for school, university and employment. It can be found at

Some of our news literacy resources

Resource toolkit

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