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Each week, we publish Topical Talk news resources full of opportunities to develop students' speaking and listening. Designed by teachers, these sessions help students think critically in an age of fake news and voice their own opinions about the world's biggest issues. These can be used both in school and at home.

We publish two kinds of resources:

  • Headlines cover a different news story each week. A new one is published every Friday
  • Projects explore one issue in depth over five weeks

Help learners find their voice

Boost students confidence through playful activities designed to reduce inhibitions and fear of "getting it wrong". Contestable questions encourage lively debate and the chance for learners to argue from a range of perspectives. Genuinely open discussions encourage them to get involved safe in the knowledge there are reasons to support different sides and they're not playing "snap" with what's in your head.

Develop their listening skills

A key still when discussing the news is open-mindedness. These resources invite students to reflect on what others say and think about how they might change their own thinking. Discussion activities allow them to practise turn-taking and building on each other's ideas.

How do I get these resources?

To download our resources, just head to our dedicated Topical Talk site and create a free account!

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