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Each week, we publish news resources that many schools embed within their PSHE lessons. Designed by teachers, these sessions help students think critically in an age of fake news and tackle the big stories in depth. Subscribe to receive yours below.

Our PSHE lessons cover specific criteria within the PSHE Association's Programme of Study for Key Stage 2 / Key Stage 3:

Living in the wider world

Our resources help students discuss and debate topical issues, developing their knowledge of national and international problems and events that affect them and others (L1 / L3). They help students express their thoughts and opinions in an appropriate way and encourage them to support their own views with reasoning (R10 / R3).


A focus on listening encourages students to see and respect others' points of view before making their own judgments (L8 / L1). Activities support students to be sceptical about media stories and value the importance of evidence. This enables them to recognise and challenge stereotypes (R16 / L7). 

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