Schools outside the UK

Download news resources for your classroom

Each week, we publish news resources designed for learners aged 9-14. A range of activities help them tackle the big stories in depth, and think critically in an age of fake news.

Perfect for form time, our resources get thoughtful discussions going in as little as 20 minutes. Challenge your students to expand their perspectives and appreciate differing points of view before expressing reasoned opinions of their own.

The Burnet News Club Global Conversation

A conversation between schools all over the world about a story in the news

The Burnet News Club Global Conversation brings together young people from around the world in an online conversation about the news. It takes place for a six week period once a year.


  1. Select up to 30 students aged 12 to 18 to take part. You and they must be fluent in English.
  2. Deliver six one-hour sessions at your school, using resources that we provide to you.
  3. In addition to the sessions at school, the students take part in online discussions with peers from around the world, using a unique online platform.

The next Global Conversation will take place in spring 2021. To request a place, please get in touch with Tiff.