News ideas for form-time

Looking for form-time ideas about the news?

Each week, we publish news resources designed for form-time or tutor-time.

Designed by our own team of teachers with the help of journalists and fact-checkers, these resources encourage students to think carefully about the news and form their own opinions. Get learners thinking hard in as little as 20 minutes about the issues affecting the world right now.

You might be already playing news clips and having discussions off the back of what they watch. Why not add ready-made activities to your discussions and see how far you can stretch your students' thinking?

Each resource contains four easy-to-understand activities that get learners to understand the full story behind a current issue, see the debates from a range of perspectives and come to their own conclusions.

How do I get these resources?

To download our resources, just head to our Topical Talk site and create a free account!

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