KS2 literacy worksheets about the news

Try our news KS2 literacy worksheets!

Each week, we publish news resources which not only develop students' understanding of current affairs but can also serve as excellent KS2 literacy worksheets. Many schools use our activities to develop speaking, listening and writing at KS2 - why not give them a try? Professionally-designed PDFs can be printed for individual use or put up on the whiteboard for everyone to discuss together.

Designed by our own team of teachers with the help of journalists and fact-checkers, these resources encourage students to weigh up different perspectives and come to their own conclusions. They can be used in form-time or literacy lessons to help get speaking and listening back on track after the lockdown. Activities can also be used as preparation for longer written pieces.

Resources keep language simple but challenging enough so that it stretches students abilities. We present information presented in manageable chunks so students can have informed discussions without being daunted by the complexity of the topics.

How do I get these resources?

To download our resources, just head to our Topical Talk site and create a free account!

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