Free scheme of work | Ten years on – learning from the financial crisis

About this scheme of work

This scheme of work includes everything you need to run six one-hour sessions for key stage 2 or 3 students on the financial system ten years on since the crisis.

It was produced by The Economist Educational Foundation, an independent charity set up by The Economist magazine. We combine The Economist’s journalistic know-how with teaching expertise, and we specialise in supporting teachers to facilitate high-quality classroom discussions about the news.

This scheme of work is supported by the Bank of England. The Economist Educational Foundation maintained full editorial control. The Bank contributed a video resource which explains what banks do, what the Bank of England does, what happened in the financial crisis and what is being done to make banks safer. We would like to thank the Bank for adding this resource and for helping to support our work.

Where can I find more schemes of work from The Economist Educational Foundation?

We provide a programme for state schools called the Burnet News Club and a scheme of work subscription for independent schools called Inquiry. We also provide other free resources from time to time. If you would like to know more about what we offer, or be added to a newsletter to receive free resources when they’re available, email our Chief Executive, Emily, at