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What the teacher says...

Impact on our students

Through the Burnet News Club, our students gain an awareness of global issues and how it could affect them in their local community. They gain confidence in speaking out about issues by researching facts and building their own opinions from those facts. They also gain a togetherness from being in a club with their peers and they build social relationships within their peer group.

High engagement

One of the major things I was apprehensive about was how the children would be engaged in the tasks set and the issues discussed. However, the way global issues are made accessible for upper Key Stage 2 meant that once we got going and as I shared a passion, we all became passionate together.

Links to our curriculum

The Burnet News Club links to the curriculum through English where children are developing their reading and writing skills. Every week they develop retrieval and inference skills from the resources. They also improve their debate, discussion and persuasive writing skills by talking about issues in the club and on the Hub.

"I would recommend the Burnet News Club to other schools because... helps to build relationships within your school. It creates engagement with global, national and local issues where children will go home and discuss what they are learning about with their parents. Their oral and written skills develop over time and the Burnet News Club introduces vocabulary they would never have known about before. Finally, the Burnet News Club adds politics and globalisation to a primary curriculum and prepares children for secondary school by encouraging interest in subjects they knew little about."

Burnet News Club Teacher

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