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What the teacher says...

"I like the Burnet News Club because it allows our Year 8 and 9 students to work together. It's fantastic because it tests their reasoning skills, their logic and how they approach other people. When it first started, they were very quick to jump on someone else's comment and say they disagreed with it...but now they're a lot more logical. I've seen them grow beautifully, especially over the last half term. They're a lot more critical but they do it in a far more perceptive and managed way. They now step back and say 'I disagree with you and here's why... but I can see where you're coming from.'"

Burnet News Club Teacher


Ormiston Bushfield Academy is one of eight Burnet News Club schools within the Ormiston Academies Trust. The club is run as a weekly extra-curricular activity and the school has reported:

  • significant positive impact on participating students
  • significant increase in conversations and knowledge about current affairs
  • significant increase in student confidence

THOUGHT LEADER | ISSUE 2 | 2018-2019

Each half term, we choose one Burnet News Club Thought Leader. This is a school whose Club contributed really well to the online discussions. They might have written interesting Final pieces, won lots of skills stars or written posts and comments that got other members thinking. For Ten years on: Learning from the financial crisis, the Thought Leader was Ormiston Bushfield Academy. Their posts throughout the Issue were informative and challenging, showing a wide range of Burnet News Club skills.

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