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"I really love seeing the children have the opportunity to talk about their ideas and to hear lots of different viewpoints. I really love the fact they've got access to the Hub. I think it makes it really exciting for them to be able to go online in a really safe environment and interact with people from different schools. It helps them think about the issues at hand and to really articulate their ideas both in writing and verbally."

Burnet News Club Teacher


Noel Park Primary School has been running the Burnet News Club since 2017 as an extra-curricular activity. Earlier this year, they invited their local MP Catherine West to visit their club. The students interviewed her about the NHS and health care - the Burnet News Club Issue at the time. Ms. West was very impressed by how informed the students were!

THOUGHT LEADER | ISSUE 1 | 2018-2019

Each half term, we choose one Thought Leader. This is the Burnet News Club who contributed really well to the online discussions. They might have written interesting Final pieces, won lots of skills stars or written posts and comments that got other members thinking. For Myanmar: Unravelling the Rohingya Refugee Crisis, the Thought Leader was Noel Park Primary School. Noel Park were awarded the most stars per post, which showed their contributions were high quality. They demonstrated brilliant curiosity, open-mindedness, scepticism, reasoning and storytelling.

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