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What the teacher says...

"The most beneficial thing I find about the Burnet News Club is watching the children enjoy and learn from what it has to offer. The children enjoy debating and discussing these world issues and current affairs and then taking those home, teaching their parents and expressing their opinions to their friends and family. Since starting the Burnet News Club, their reasoning element has significantly progressed and they can now provide actual facts to support their own opinion, which may have changed, and explain their understanding of the content which makes their points more believable."

Burnet News Club Teacher


Morley Newlands Academy has run weekly sessions of the Burnet News Club since 2018 as part of their curriculum. Over 90 students benefit from the Club, a third of which are eligible for Pupil Premium.

It is one of nine participating schools within the GORSE Academies Trust. On top of the training that comes with club membership, The Economist Educational Foundation has delivered further CPD to teachers from across the Trust.

THOUGHT LEADER | ISSUE 5 | 2018-2019

Each half term, we choose one Burnet News Club Thought Leader. This is a school whose Club contributed really well to the online discussions. They might have written interesting Final pieces, won lots of skills stars or written posts and comments that got other members thinking. Morley Newlands Academy were our Thought Leader for Trump's Wall: Borders and Migration. We really enjoyed seeing how many students joined in on the Hub and seeing them grow in confidence over the year. They're one of our youngest clubs (Year 5) and they showed no hesitation to get stuck into the discussions!

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