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We've made the Burnet News Club bigger, better and more flexible and given it a new name: Topical Talk

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What the teacher says...

“Quite simply, the club has been a revelation. Every week, new and interesting resources are produced, all of which go hand-in-hand with relevant and appropriate termly topics. These are accessible to all learners: they are bespoke, carefully thought-out and allow students to improve across a number of key skills.”

Burnet News Club Teacher


Faringdon Community College has been running weekly sessions of the Burnet News Club since 2016. Michael Baker runs the Club as an extra-curricular activity. 20 students regularly participate in discussions.

These students also make excellent use of the online Hub by contributing posts, comments and competition entries which drive discussion with peers from across the country.

THOUGHT LEADER | ISSUE 6 | 2018-2019

Each half term, we choose one Burnet News Club Thought Leader. This is a school whose Club contributed really well to the online discussions. They might have written interesting Final pieces, won lots of skills stars or written posts and comments that got other members thinking. The Thought Leader for The Climate Emergency was Faringdon Community College. They went above and beyond by applying what they had learnt outside of the sessions to their contributions on the Hub.

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