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What the teacher says...

Helps children cope with information overload

One of the most valuable skills they develop is scepticism. Children spend a lot of time online and they are given lots of information. The Burnet News Club helps them evaluate the different information they see and think carefully about their opinions.

Accessible for all

All of the sessions are really accessible to primary children. English is predominantly an additional language at our school and all students are able to access the different conversations that we have. The sessions are really engaging for the children – they are very active and there's lots of talking! They get lots of time to develop communication skills, critical thinking skills and plenty of opportunities to debate.

Links to our curriculum

I work at a Unicef Rights Respecting School, which means all of the learning in our school is linked to children’s rights around the world. The Burnet News Club links really well with this because the topics link to safety, racism, environment, immigration and lots of other issues which are all to do with children’s rights. It links so well to our curriculum.

Easy to run

Before I started, I was slightly concerned I wouldn’t have the right skill set, or it would take ages to resource all of the sessions. However, the sessions are really well planned with questions you can ask the children and all of the activities are really well thought-out. The resourcing takes hardly any time at all because it's all there, every week!

"The best thing about the Burnet News Club is...

...that it makes topics accessible for children. For example, we did a topic about knife crime and the children were able to understand the reasons behind it and what we could do about it in the future. This was obviously quite a mature topic but they were really engaged in it and wanted to learn more about it. The children also do a lot of writing online which they really enjoy. The Hub is very carefully moderated, so they're very safe online and they get plenty of feedback on their ideas from the team at the Burnet News Club, which is great!"

Burnet News Club Teacher

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